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LMU Eats: Health, Wellness and Good Eats at Loyola Marymount University

April 18th, 2017

Challenge Yourself!

Hi students,
I hope that you had a wonderful Easter break. Can you believe that this semester is almost over? Only two weeks left of classes followed by finals week!
I believe that a key tool for staying energetic and focused while studying is to exercise. Even though you might feel that you do not have enough time to work out, I strongly recommend at least doing some light movements or exercises for about 30 minutes per day. Your body and mind will appreciate the study break!
Below is a 30-day challenge for anyone who is ready to finish the semester strong (physically and mentally) and to kick-start the summer. This program is great because you can pick your own focus, such as legs, arms or core.  Which challenge will suit you best?! I cannot wait to try the plank challenge and challenge my friends to take the challenge as well!

blog 4.18.17

April 13, 2017

Happy Easter Break!

Hi Lions!
EasterFirst of all, I hope you are enjoying your break wherever you might be. LMU students are very lucky to have both Spring Break and Easter Break – that is not the case at every university!
Since finals are approaching and school will be very hectic for the next few weeks, I wanted to help you to find ways to relax and reload. Therefore, I am presenting “10 ways to Relax and Recharge on Easter Break”, which hopefully will give you some great ideas and inspiration. These are some ideas of mine and also from the student journal “The Gavel”.
1.    Staying on campus? Time for some major cleaning in your room. You know you will feel great once you are done!
2.    Go through your wardrobe. Everyone have clothing items that are not really used. What about donating clothes or sell them on eBay?
3.    Bored at home? No problem! Be a tourist in your own city.
4.    Treat yourself with a nice homemade meal or go to your favorite restaurant (as I did today).
5.    Get inspired for summer parties on Pinterest.
6.    Feeling stressed out from school? Start early with your projects and homework.
7.    Have that Netflix marathon you deserved with the two friends Ben & Jerry’s.
8.    Read a book in the sun. Remember we are in California!
9.    Go out for a run! It is very refreshing to experience endorphins.
10.    Bake a cake. It’s Simple and fun.
Happy Easter!
Best, Julia   

March 30,2017

Your Chance to Win a Free Lunch for a Year!

Hi students,

3.30-1I hope that you all are having a great week! As I have mentioned before, I play tennis for the LMU Women’s Tennis Team and just love to be in the environment of competitions and games. With that being said, I rarely miss out on opportunities to enter a contest, whether they are sport related or not. If you feel the same way I do about competitions, you can now enter Sodexo’s “Create your own Mindful Pizzettas”! By entering the competition, you can win the grand prize of a free lunch for a year! I would call this a dream prize for students, wouldn’t you agree?!

You simply enter by creating the next mindful pizzetta on Sodexo’s website by using a combination of different toppings. After that, you explain why you want Sodexo to pick your pizzetta in a few sentences. Everyone will have a chance to vote on the finalists and the winner will receive the amazing grand prize.


An advice from me is to enter the competition as soon as possible before it is too late!
You can enter the competition here


Best of luck!


March 22,2017

Great food and company at Community table

Hi lions!
This past Thursday I went to community table with some friends to kick start the weekend and St. Patrick’s Day! Going to community table is a very nice way to spend time with your friends while trying different dishes and talk about the past week. My favorite dish that I tried this time was the Chicken Curry Sauté. As you can see on the picture of the curry dish below, I added some butternut squash from the veggie station. Another big reason of why I really enjoy going to community table is that you have the option to “make your own plate” and can add and mix different food however you want.
Below you can also see pictures of the Roasted Tofu Wrap, the Kielbasa Sandwich, and the Chicken Curry Sauté with rice. If you missed last week’s community table – you have plenty of opportunities to go this week. 


You can pay with both lion dollars and lion points at community table during any day of the week. See you there!
Have a great rest of your week!

March 14th, 2017 


Mindful Challenge

Hello students,
Welcome back to school! I hope you feel ready to take on the last two months of the semester. As you all know, I have mentioned the LMU Dinings’ website multiple times and have presented snapshots of great things that you can find on the website. During Spring break, Sodexo updated new mindful challenges for all students. These challenges are great to try if you want to find new, fun ways to be healthier, and most importantly, to feel better.
blog 3.14.17-1The website is and you simply press the ”go now” button and you can see the different challenges that Sodexo has to offer. Some of these challenges are: The Treadmill Challenge, Eat for More Energy Challenge and Walk 10,000 Steps a Day.
The Treadmill Challenge offers a detailed indoor plan on what you should do each day for the next 30 days to reach to improve your conditioning and to get in shape! Read more here
The Eat for More Energy Challenge is an easy one-week meal plan with a perfect combination of nutrients that your body needs. These meals include breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. Do the challenge here
Lastly, The Walk 10,000 Steps a Day is a very straightforward program that shows how many minutes you should walk each day for 7 days. The best thing is that you can walk wherever you want. Why not bring your friends on a hike in a place you have never been before? You can do the challenge here
I hope that you are inspired to try out these challenges – at least I am!

March 2nd,2017

Happy Spring Break Lions!

Now is the time for you to really enjoy lots of free time. You can basically do whatever you are in the mood of doing for one entire week. Spend these days wisely lions! Since you have a lot of time on your hands, I would recommend for you to look into LMU Dining’s website, as they have many great articles that are very useful to college students. On the website, you can read about many subjects related to your health and learn about great tools that you can apply to your day-to-day life.

For example, did you know that Sodexo employs over 500 registered dietitians across the US? These dietitians work closely with Sodexo’s team to develop balanced and fresh menus and provide you with the nutritional information and tools to make healthy choices.

blog 3.2.172Here is a snapshot of two commonly asked questions on the website, as well as the answers from a dietitian:
Q: I know I should eat salads to be healthier, but I get bored of always eating the same ingredients from the salad bar. What can I do to add variety to my salads?
”Salads are healthy because they provide fiber, minerals, phytochemicals, and vitamins. The line-up of beans/legumes, dairy, fruit, grain, and vegetables allow you to build a super salad.”
Step 1: Choose a base
•  Beans/legumes
•  Grain (corn, pasta, rice)

Step 2: Add variety with multiple colors, textures and temperatures
•  Chewy (dried fruit)
•  Hot (baked or grilled chicken, roasted veggies, tofu)

Step 3: Dress it up
•  Spicy (chili/hot sauce, onions, peppers)
•  Sweet (fruit, honey)

blog 3.2.171Q: What’s the one modification I can make to my diet that will give me the most benefit to my overall health?
”One of the most effective changes you can make to a diet is to downsize your portions. You can enjoy a variety of foods without feeling deprived by decreasing your portion size. Eating smaller portion sizes does not have to include measuring everything using measuring cups and spoons. An easy way to portion items is to use your hand! Use the following tips as accurate portion size tools:

• The palm of your hand is about the size of a protein portion (poultry, fish, meat, etc.)
• Your thumbprint is about 1 tablespoon, which is good for portioning sauces and/or salad dressings
• A fist is about the size of a cup, which is a serving of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, oatmeal, cereal, etc.)”
As you can see, you can really find a lot of valuable and useful information regarding your health on the website.
The link to the LMU Dining website is as usual 
The link to “questions to the dietitian” can be found on the following link

Happy Reading!


February 24th,2017

Upcoming Events in March

Hi Lions,

march calendarMarch is just around the corner! With that being said, Spring break is approaching rapidly. If you are planning on going either out of town or if you will stay on campus, I hope you will have a great time. Spring break is actually one of my favorite holidays during the school year. I will especially enjoy this upcoming Spring break since it will be my last.

If you are staying on campus during the break, make sure to read next week’s blog post to find out what days and times the cafeterias and restaurants on campus are open. Furthermore, since March is around the corner, I wanted to give you a heads up about the awesome events that are happening next month. As always, you can find the detailed schedule of events for every month on the LMU Dining website

March 13th BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Bacon Jam & Roasted Potatoes: Served at Roski                     
March 14th National Potato Day: Upgrade your lunch and “Make it a Combo”
March 17th St. Patrick’s Day “Leprechaun” Community Table 5.30pm-7.30pm
March 21st National French Day: Grab a sandwich from Sub Connection on fresh baked French bread
March 25 National Waffle Day: Enjoy the Waffle Bar at Community Table Brunch

I hope to see you at least at one of these events!


February 16th,2017

Roskis’ – in the heart of U-hall


I hope you haven’t missed the chance to visit Roski Diner located at the bottom floor in U-hall. Roski is a great place to eat breakfast, lunch or grab a quick snack to go. Even though you might not have a class in U-hall; I can assure you that it is worth the walk from anywhere on campus! Their opening hours are the following:

Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm
Food on Demand 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-2pm
Food on Demand 9am-2pm
Saturday-Sunday closed

Roski Dining is known for its "Fresh & Light" menu. They have a custom salad bar, savory wraps, sandwiches, fresh fruit and a yogurt bar. Additionally, the have Food on Demand (FoD) digital ordering system. The Food on Demand system takes you on an international taste journey, and features a variety of Italian, Mexican, Asian and American entrees, appetizers and desserts.

Personally, my favorite stations are the salad bar and the savory wrap station. They also serve daily desserts like cheesecakes and chocolate cakes– their cheesecakes are amazing! Below are a few pictures of what a meal at Roski looks like. Enjoy!

blog 2.16.17 bakeryblog 2.16.17 sandblog 2.16.17 appleblog 2.16.17 fries

February 9th,2017

Fun February Feelings

Hi everyone!
month of love
The month of February has a lot of exciting news. However, many students associate this month with midterms and cold weather. I believe that there are many reasons to love February! Here are a few general reminders to be excited about:

1. It is a short month so the sunny weather and the spring will approach sooner than you think.
2. The Award Season is here! Time to watch your favorite actors at the Oscar’s.
3. At last but not least, February 14th is Valentine’s Day! Be sure to remind your loved one’s how much they mean to you. This of course includes any relationships you have. Personally, I will be spending this special day eating tacos together with good friends.

If you are not yet convinced that February is an enjoyable month, you should know that the campus cafeterias offer many exciting events. The full description of each event in February is in the picture below. If you want even more details, check out the event page on the website 
I especially highlighted five events that you cannot miss out this month!
February 13th: First day to pick up Valentine’s Day packages (last day to pick up is on the 14th)
February 14th: Valentine’s Day – spread love everywhere you go!
February 15th: Grand Opening of Einstein & Caribou Café
February 21st: Seafood House: The Lair will be serving Gumbo

That is all for now!


February 2nd, 2017

Convenience is key in college

Hi student!

There is something about the word convenience that just makes me feel good. I always feel less stressed and relived in a way, don’t you? Today I am highlighting the C-Lion stores on campus that are very convenient and have facilitated my life when I have been stressed. Hopefully they will facilitate your college life too!

It is not a secret that study snacks, ready dinners and quick grab ‘n go food are very popular among college students due to long study hours and hectic schedules. Fortunately, the C-Stores offer easy and simple solutions for you when you need to fuel your body with energy. C-Lion Leavey 6 and C-Lion Del Rey offer household items, sundries and grab ‘n go foods, such as microwaveable entrees, salads and snacks. In other words, everything you need in one place. Below are some pictures of what you can find in these stores. Additionally, the C-Lion stores are open until 2am daily. I would like to specifically highlight that C-Lion Del Rey now is accepting SNAP/EBT benefits in addition to cash, credit and One Cards.
blog feb2-1blogfeb2-3blogfeb2-2
So before you are thinking about going to a store far away from campus, consider the C-stores – they might have exactly what are you looking for!

Have a great day!


January 26th,2017

Popcorn for Everyone!

Hi Reader,Jan.26th blogpopcorn

This past Thursday, I spent my evening at community table with fellow students and lions. The theme of the night was “Popcorn Toss”, which was great because I love popcorn! The meals were inspired with popcorn and there was also a popcorn stand. In other words, it was an evening with great food and company!

jan26thblog.fishMeanwhile enjoying my meals, I asked fellow students what they thought about the food. According to two students, the fish and roasted vegetable mix was their favorite dish, because they liked the sauce on the fish and its texture. Moreover, according to a sophomore student, his highlight of the evening was the popcorn stand where you could add a flavor of your own choice to your popcorn.

jan.26thblogcupcakePersonally, I liked the chocolate cupcakes that actually had popcorn on top of them! It was something different than just having a normal cupcake. I also love the mix between sweet and salty desserts!

Next week we have three community tables coming up as usual – be sure not to miss out on the surprises that are waiting ahead!

That’s all for now,


January 19th,2017

Save the Dates

Hello Fellow Lions,

I hope you had a great start of the semester and that you look forward to learn in your new classes. As you already know, you can find and search almost anything on the Internet nowadays.  This includes events and news regarding food on campus as well! On LMU Dining’s website: you can find plenty of great information regarding what is happening on campus right now and what days your favorite food will be served.

If you go on the website and select “headlines” on the first page you can find the calendar of events and promotions for January. As you can see on the picture below, something exciting is serve somewhere on campus every day. 

Jan calendarJan calendar 2headline

Also under “headlines”, you can click on the tab “Reach your goals”. This tab will take you to the website Mindful by Sodexo where you can find great sources, recipes and information about mindful eating and mindful living.


That is all for now, happy reading!


Welcome Back Lions!

Hello Readers,

Welcome back to school! I am so excited to start Spring Semester at LMU – I hope you feel the same! I am especially excited for this semester since it will be my last semester at LMU, because I am graduating in May. My goal for this semester is to inspire you to take care of your body and health in the best way possible.

This semester, Sodexo has a lot of excited news to share with you. I would like to start off with highlighting the times and themes for community table for the three upcoming weeks. Be sure to not miss out on our theme days!

This week:
Jan. 19 Thursday ”Popcorn Toss” 6pm-9pm
Jan. 20 Friday ”Not your Cheese” 5:30pm-7:30pm
Jan. 21 Saturday Brunch 11:00am-1:00pm

Following week:
Jan. 26 Thursday ”Campfire” 6pm-9pm
Jan. 27 Friday Community table 5:30pm-7:30pm
Jan. 28 Saturday ”Everything Blue” 11:00am-1:00pm

After the community table on Saturdays the Lair goes back into the regular menu, which is available at 1pm.

blog #1blog #2blog #3I would like to give the new café “Einstein and Caribou Café” a special spotlight since they just opened. The café is located in U-hall on the bottom floor. At Einstein an Caribou Cafe you can find great breakfast bagels, hot and cold drinks, lunch salads and sandwiches and much more! The café is accepting cash, credit card and one card they are open Monday-Thursday from 7am-8:30pm; Friday 7am-3pm and Saturday 10am-1pm.

I had the pleasure to start my morning with Sodexo´s new Unit Marketing Coordinator Veata earlier this week and we tried their delicious coffee drinks. I highly recommend you to stop by and try it out! Below is a selection from a few of their delicious foods and treats!

Have a great rest of your week!


Best of Luck on Finals!keep calm

Hello readers,

I cannot believe that this semester is almost over and that I am writing my last post of the semester! However, I will be back in the spring with new and exiting posts to share with you to help you stay healthy and happy. Take a minute or two to reflect over everything you have accomplished this semester, such as school assignments and personal goals. Think about all those times when you pushed through a difficult week, or when you had to write an assignment that seemed impossible to understand. Guess what? You made it through! Now you just have to make that extra push, which I know you can do, to finish the semester strong!

I believe that keeping a positive mindset is key to succeed through the good times and the hard times. I will share a quote with you that I really like and that actually helps me to stay positive:
winter break blog
“Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.”

With that being said, I wish you good luck on finals and have a great winter break – You deserve it! I hope to see you on this blog next semester, GO LIONS!

All the best,



Bite by Sodexo

Hi Lions!

bite app 2

I hope you had a relaxing thanksgiving break and that you are ready to take on the last couple of weeks of the semester. In this week’s blog post, I will guide you through how to use the foo

d app provided by Sodexo called, “Bite by Sodexo”. The app is a great way to track what the food you are eating really contains regarding ingredients, nutrients and calories.

Besides, if you are like me and have allergies – the app is a great way to know what you can eat and what to avoid.

bite appFirst and foremost, the app is free and available for download on The App Store and on Google Play. After you have downloaded the app, you have an option to decide “where to eat”. Here, you just enter “Loyola Marymount University”. Right now there are two restaurants on campus that you may choose from: The Lair or Iggy’s. However, Sodexo are in the process of expanding the selection to more on-campus restaurants. Stay tuned!

After you entered the name of the school, next step is the most exciting step! Now you can select any food item or meal and see all its nutritional information (see picture below).

This app is a great way to make sure that you fuel your body with the right nutrients. Simple right? So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to download “Bite by Sodexo”!




Time to Give Thanks

Happy mid-November!

thanksgiving blogNovember is a month with many exciting events. For some people, November means that Basketball season starts, for others, it’s time to participate in “No-Shave November”. However, many of us will at some point during November think about the lovely Thanksgiving holiday coming up!

It is such a great time of the year to get a break from classes and hopefully relax before the busiest time of the semester begins. Whether you go home to see your family or stay on campus, it is a time to be thankful for what you have in your life. Take a minute right now and reflect over what you are truly thankful for. I am thankful for having a great and loving family, for my health and that I get to study at an amazing university. What are you thankful for?!

If you are staying on campus over the break, The Lair will offer a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, November 24th between 2-4pm. I went last year, and it was a great meal with all the typical “Thanksgiving foods” – and many desserts! Furthermore, if you are staying on campus, here are the hours of operations for the cafeterias during Thanksgiving: 

For my readers that would love to indulge in plenty of food next week, but wish to do it in a healthier way – here are my best advice:
1. Don’t exaggerate the portion size
Before you fill your plate, survey the buffet table and decide what you're going to choose. Then select reasonable-sized portions of foods you cannot live without.
2. Chew your food slowly
Eating slowly, putting your fork down between bites, and tasting each mouthful is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your meal and feel satisfied with one plate full of food.
3. Focus on Family and Friends
Thanksgiving is not just about the delicious bounty of food. It's a time to celebrate with family and friends.
Enjoy a calm and relaxing Thanksgiving!

Grocery List Ideas – College Edition Hello fellow Lions!

Whether you are living on or off campus, buying groceries is something we all do from time to time. Personally, I love going grocery shopping – but not everyone does. A good trick I use to stay healthy is to buy at least one food item from these categories: protein, fruit and snacks. For example, I always have eggs, apples and baby bell cheese snacks in my fridge. I will let these grocery list guidelines speak for themselves – they will be very helpful throughout your college career, trust me! 

Download the Grocery Lists Dorm List & College Snacking List 

Grocery list2Grocery list1



What should I eat before/after a work out?tennis shoes

Along with eating healthy, working out is a great way to give your body energy, taking a break between studies and to keep you healthy in general. In college, life can be stressful as we all know, but taking time to exercise can really lift your mood and health– even during finals week! In this week’s blog post I will recommend the best snacks to eat on campus before and after a workout.“Carbs for pre workout and protein for post workout” is always a good rule to follow. Here are some alternatives that you easily can get on campus.

Protein sources - post workout
Quest bars and thinkThin bars are great sources of protein and can be found in the Lair Marketplace and in the C-Lion stores. Also, a cup with 3 boiled eggs can be found in Iggy’s, the Lion's Corner Café and in the C-Lion Leavey 6. These snacks are delicious and full of protein!water

Carbohydrates – pre workout
Fruit is a great source of carbs, such as bananas and apples that can be found in the Lair Marketplace and in the Lair. Both stores also have the popular smoothie drink, Suja that comes in many different flavors. My personal favorite flavor is uber green.

When to eat prior to a workout?
Before a conditioning workout it is very important to think about at what time you eat your pre snack. I would recommend eating your snack 45 minutes-1 hour to avoid any stomach pain. Prior to a weights workout, eating as late as 15-30 minutes before the workout should be fine. If you are planning to do a group fitness class, I would recommend eating 30 minutes-1 hour before the class if the class will contain a lot of movement. When you are finished with a workout, try to eat a snack within 30 minutes so that your body can recover as fast as possible.

beachA very important note to add is that many students always choose to buy coffee/caffeinated drinks to get more awake. Instead of just choosing these drinks, exercising is a great and natural way to energize your body and become less tired. So, next time you are tired and have a break – go for a nice run on the bluff or take a Zumba class! I promise, you will feel the difference.

That’s all for now, Go Lions!



Community table 2016 – Better Than Ever

Happy Halloween Lions!

When I mention community table, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps a place you spent every Thursday evening freshman year? The soft and warm pancakes offered on Sunday mornings? Or maybe just eating and laughing with your friends until you were too full to walk. For me, I think about these three examples combined. If you haven’t already noticed, community table has truly improved and Sodexo is being more and more creative with theme nights and food selections in the Lair. Great right?! Let’s face it, who constantly wants to repeat the same dinner over and over again? Probably not college students!

skopelos blogThis upcoming Thursday, a Greek inspired menu called “Kalamata” is offered. Since I do care about my readers, I will give you a sneak peak of some of the food items that will be served – before other students! Let’s take a quick journey (in spirit) to the exotic hidden islands in Greece!
•    Lemon Garlic Grilled Tuna
Grilled Tuna Marinated in Fresh Lemon Juice, Italian Parsley and Garlic

•    Root Vegetable Tagine W/ Onion Couscous
Slow Cooked Root Vegetables Steeped in Mediterranean Spices, Served over Warm Couscous with Sweet Caramelized Red Onion

greek food blog•    Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Sauce (what is Greek night without Tzatziki?!
Blend of Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, Cucumber, Garlic & Fresh Mint

•    Mediterranean Salad
Fantastic Orzo Salad Loaded with Cucumber, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Olives, Artichokes, and More; Topped with Feta and Mint

•    Crispy Garlic Potato Wedges 
Potato Wedges Roasted with Garlic and Seasoned with Lemon Zest and Parsley
Greek Salad Blog
Tell all your friends to join Greek inspired community table this Thursday! I will be there, and if our paths get crossed, please come say hi!



How to Avoid Freshman 15

freshman 15

Hi fellow lions,

As you already may know, I love food. I love making food, eating food, and preparing food. I am now a senior in college and I must say looking back at my years in college, I was not always as healthy as I am today. Moving away from home and living by yourself is a huge transition from many different angles – current college students and college graduates reading this, you know what I am talking about.

Prior to college, I had never been to America before. I quickly discovered the food sections and wanted to try out all the different snacks and food there was, especially the candy and dessert sections. Believe it or not, I had never in my life tried skittles, sour patch, or Reese’s peanut butter cups – not even regular peanut butter! Foolishly, because I never had these delicious sweets while growing up, I thought that I could eat these sweets 24/7 to compensate for the all those years I missed out on them. Not too surprisingly, freshman 15 really got to me.

This post aims relatively towards freshmen, but also to other college students since we all get into bad habits once in a while. For you that are anxious about the freshman 15 or just need some reminders of how to eat better and most importantly FEEL better, this is what I would do:

veggie vs burger1.    Eat plenty of greens and vegetables in the beginning of your meal– in this way you will keep your hunger in balance and will less likely overeat when getting to the main course.
2.    Eat protein in EVERY meal, including in your breakfast. Protein is such a great way to keep you full and keep you away from snacking later on. The Lair has a great omelet station where you can choose egg whites or regular omelets with veggies and the bagel station has plenty of protein choices to your bagel.
3.    This point is HUGE. Try (at lest try) to not snack after dinner. Sure, it happens sometimes, but try to minimize late night snacking. Besides, it might also help you getting a better night sleep since you will feel less energized when going to bed.

There are plenty of other tips on how to avoid freshman 15, but you can go far by focusing on these 3 simple steps - according to me who has been a “victim” of the freshman 15. However, just remember that sweets should not be banned and it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while! I will end with this quote, which I think is great:

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
 ~Jim Rohn


De-stress with 3 Easy Steps

Hello readers!

We are already in the middle of October and colder days are approaching. Some may like it and some may not. Personally, I really don’t mind it since I grew up in cold Sweden. Isn’t it interesting how the weather can so easily affect your mood and make you tired, calm or stressed?

Today’s topic is how to de-stress and to be thoughtful of your well-being. We are heading towards the end of midterm season with just a few tests/papers left. This is a time where you want to maintain that focus and hard work you have had for the past couple of weeks. I will share my top three tips on how to trick your mind and body that you still have energy to push through your big assignments:

Take a break1.    Take breaks – Many studies have shown that your brain retains more information if you take breaks. I learned the rule: 20-5 during my freshman year, which means 20 minutes of intense studying, followed by a 5 minute break – then repeat. The idea is that every time you start studying after a break, you are much more focused and can absorb more information.

2.    Go to a fitness class – going to the gym might be the last priority during midterm season – however, the great reward of exercising is that you will feel much more awake and less tired after your work out. Personally, I love going to yoga classes in Burns Rec Center and if I really want to sweat, I go to a spinning class. Even doing some stretches and foam rolling can energize your body. Burns Rec offers tons of classes so I am sure you will find something in your particular

3.    Smart snacking – who doesn’t love to snack while studying? For a long time I thought this was a bad thing. Well, at least the way I used to do it. I would snack during my full study session and skip meals since I was not hungry anymore. This is not something that I recommend. Smart snacking can actually enhance studying if you choose snacks with the right nutrients. It’s key to balance the nutrients to keep your blood-sugar level stable. Roski’s has a variety of different healthy snacks under their sections “simply to go” and the Lair has many different fruits and trail mixes.Healthy food

I hope this little wellness crash course reminded you of some easy tricks on how to stay alert and energized. Feel free to comment if you tried the 20-5 minutes rule and let me know if it did work for you or not! Also, if you want me to write about anything in particular, feel free to comment as well – I’d love to hear your ideas.
Until next time!


Picture sources:

What stations and food items are new on campus?

Hello everyone!
I hope the semester is going great so far! If you haven’t already noticed, there are so many good changes to the cafeterias on campus. At lunch time for example, I love how I can so easily can get a healthy sandwich from the new sub station at the Lair, loaded with healthy vegetables and carbs that will keep me energetic throughout the whole day.
Also, how great isn’t it that you can cool down with a fresh smoothie after a hot day right at the entrance of the Lair? You can either choose a juice or a smoothie with your choice of vegetables/fruits and other healthy ingredients (see picture below). However, if you aren’t the typical smoothie/juice person, the same station serve natural salads and wraps as well.
These are just a few examples of new stations and food to be excited about. Here is a detailed list of what’s new in the Lair, Iggy’s, Roski’s and more! 

Hummus and freshly baked pastries are available at the daily bagel station
A new station with natural salads, wraps, fresh smoothies and juices
The harmony vegan/vegetarian station has a new rotation of hot entrees/dishes and can now be combined with all items on the salad bar for $8.80/lbs.
A new sub station is open
Community table is now only on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday brunch
Ignite new breakfast tacos!!

Uber wraps has expanded
Frumazin has been added to the salad bar
A new menu at Roski FOD (food on demand – digital ordering system)
Taco Friday every Friday

New interior remodel
Opening as an Einstein’s Bagel Bros in Spring 2017!! 

New healthy menu items, such as a new salad
LTO (limited of time offers are rotating every two weeks)
New appetizers are available 

MEIN BOWL (Freshman Area)
    Now offering Orange Chicken or Kung Pao chicken daily

All locations now have Hebrew National kosher hot dogs as well. These are all very exciting news and I am sure that choosing healthy and delicious alternatives on campus will be easier than ever. Also, don’t forget to download the BITE app, where you can view all of the menus at the Lair for nutritional information. It is free for androids and ios. Sodexo are currently working on adding more items!
That’s all for now, happy eating!

Welcome to the LMU Eats Health & Wellness Blog

First of all, thank yourself for making the choice to read about health and wellness today. We will do our best to keep you as inspired and motivated as possible for you to become the best version of yourself. Even if you consider yourself as being a healthy person or not so healthy person; we want to openly welcome you to read this blog because this blog is for EVERYONE. There will not be any lectures or dos and don’ts on how you should eat or live your life. This blog will provide you with guidelines and tips for a more energized and happy life throughout your college career.

So let’s talk about health. How would you describe health? We are constantly surrounded by the word “health” nowadays. You see it in the media, hear about it whenever you’re near food or maybe just hear your mom constantly telling you “don’t forget to be healthy!” Let’s break this down and just take a minute to think about the definition of health according to the World Health Organization: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Probably sounds along the lines you were thinking. Your health and well being means everything if you really think about it. When you are really sick, you literally can’t do anything you normally would do. For example, I got very sick a few weeks ago and could not make it to class, my daily tennis practice nor could I even stand up without feeling dizzy. We have all been there, right?

To conclude, health and wellness is essential in our lives, especially in college when most of us are completely on our own. Countless of times you might not have prioritized your health when social activities or late night studying in the library have been on the agenda (I can for sure relate to that). So let’s just appreciate our health and be aware of all the great things that come with it. Until next time!


Julia Norlin Student Blogger 2016My name is Julia and I am a senior at LMU from Sweden. I am very excited to be LMU Dining’s new blogger! My major is Business Marketing with a Theatre Arts minor, and I am a student-athlete on the Women’s Tennis Team.

When I first came to LA, I fell in love with the city immediately. LA has the sun, the beach and the healthy lifestyle, which fits my perfectly since I am a complete “foodie”. In fact, I love to discover and try new food. In this blog, I will write about health and wellness, which are two of my big passions in life. My primary goal is to inspire my readers as much as possible and to show you how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in college. You will find everything from food pictures from our delicious cafeterias on campus, motivational quotes and simple ways on how to stay healthy. I am happily here to assist you with lots of inspiration.

Happy reading! /Julia
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