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2017/2018 LION Plans

Whether you're on the go and in the need of a quick snack or in the mood to relax and enjoy a full meal, we have four fantastic LION Plans which are sure to please you!

More ways to use your Lion Points!

Use points at Additional All You Care to Eat Events around Campus!

  • Concessions (one Lion Point for unlimited popcorn and free fountain drink at home basketball games)
  • Crimson Lion Fridays (one Lion Point for unlimited soup and salad)
  • Tailgate Day (access)
  • Bring a friend to Community Table in the Lair Marketplace (1 guest per meal)



tax-free dollars you can spend on food anywhere on campus



Lion Points*

one point = one admission to community table
(all you care to eat meal)


Lion Dollars
+ Lion Points

"L" Plan
Block 48 

*exclusive access to  UNLIMITED fountain beverages with this plan at select locations across campus! (University Hall - Roski Dining and Crimson Lion/C-Store Leavey 6/Burns Basketball Concessions)


Access to all 48 Community Table events in the Lair Marketplace each semester


"I" Plan
Block 24 



48 points a year


"O" Plan
Block 16 



32 points a year


"N" Plan 


 $10.99 door price$3,000

 "S" Plan

buy now

Supplemental Lion
$10.99 door price
purchase "S" dollars in any increment and save!

"Which "LION" meal plan is right for me?"

MPP Large-Bricklet1The L plan is recommended for the student who dines frequently and plans to be on campus most weekends. Plan I is for the hearty eater who may not be on campus during the weekend. For light eaters, Plan O or will feed their hunger pains. But don't worry about choosing the wrong plan as we allow meal plan changes on traditional plans the third week of the Fall Semester. Unused LION Dollars expire during the summer, and unused LION Points expire at the end of each semester, so be sure to use them up! 

Still confused? Our Meal Plan Professor can help you choose the best plan for you! Ask the Meal Plan Professor


"What are LION dollars?"

LION dollars are a crucial part of your meal plan. They are essentially the culinary currency of LMU and are used to purchase food at any of the dining facilities and convenience stores on campus. LION dollars are sales tax exempt. The combination of LION dollars and Lion Points make up each of the four “LION” meal plans.

"How do LION Points work and why should I get them?"

Each Lion Point grants you access to the "Community Table", All-You-Care-to-Eat Buffet at the Lair Marketplace dining hall. Community Table is offered here every Thursday at dinner, Friday at dinner, Saturday for brunch and Sunday for brunch. The L plan will get you into every Community Table meal. The I plan will give you access an average of two times per week, and the O plan averages once per week. You don't have to use your Lion Points each week either, as they don't expire until the end of the semester. Lion Points may also be used to pay for one guest to eat at Community Table with you as well. By purchasing a plan that includes Lion Points, you will save on the door price every time you dine!

"If I run out of LION Points can I still go to Community Table?"

Yes! You can continue to go to Community Table by paying $10.99 at the door. We accept Flexi Dollars, Lion Dollars, cash and credit.

"What are S-Dollars and why should I use them?"

The "S" Dollar Plan is available to full time resident students and commuter students. Because "S" Dollars are sales tax free, you will receive almost 10% off on each dollar versus using cash or credit! Like funds in the LION plans, "S" Dollars are redeemable at all on-campus dining locations. "S" Dollars are non-refundable and are forfeited when you graduate or leave the university.

"What about Flexi Dollars?"

Flexi Dollars may augment your meal plan value similar to S dollars and carry forward from year to year. Flexi Dollars are accepted at all campus locations, however, you pay Sales Tax on each transaction. Flexi Dollars is a great way for both Graduate, Undergraduate, And Faculty Staff to enjoy the convenience of on campus purchases and is a refundable value.

"But I have an apartment with a kitchen...surely I don't need a meal plan..."

Students living in on-campus apartments are encouraged to utilize the LION Plans - not only will they save you money by being tax free, but they allow you to save on different kinds of food purchases - full meals, that morning latte, an afternoon snack and even groceries from the C-Lion Market. If you have a LION Plan or S Dollars you automatically receive almost 10% off on each dollar spent versus using cash or credit! That's a savings of over $400 per year with the “L” meal plan!

"I don't live on campus so being on a meal plan doesn't make sense..."

Saving money always makes sense! Even if you don't live on campus you spend quite a bit of time here - why not save 10% on the snacks, beverages, coffees and meals you do eat on campus? You can purchase "S" Dollars in any increment, so you don't have to lay out a lot of money up front and you get that 10% extra purchasing power added right to your OneCard. You can add "S" Dollars via the Manage My OneCard Site. Click here to purchase "S" Dollars today!

In This Section
Important Info

OneCard - your LMU ID card - is what you will use to make purchases at on-campus dining location or for entry into Community Table meals. For more information on managing or adding money to your OneCard: manage your onecard

Dietary Needs
Do you have particular dietary needs? Let us know! Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact us at (310) 338-2977.

Dining Guide
Download and print the Fall 2017 Dining Guide Here!

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