Your Dining Team

LMU Dining is made up of people who are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us. Contact us at (310) 338-2977 - we love to hear from you!

The Lair Marketplace Team

  • John Fisher

    John Fisher

    General Manager - The Lair Marketplace

  • Chris Menendez

    Chris Menendez

    Executive Chef - The Lair Marketplace

Retail Dining and Convenience Stores

  • Erika Meda


    Erika Meda

    General Manager- Retail Dining and The Grid Stores

  • Fantino Aquino

    Fantino Aquino

    Manager- Iggy's Café

  • Claudia Ramirez Gallardo

    Claudia Ramirez Gallardo

    Manager - Starbucks

LMU Catering Team

LMU Dining Support

  • Betsy Corrigan


    Betsy Corrigan

    District Executive Chef

  • Hannah Rhodes


    Hannah Rhodes

    Director of Marketing

  • Karen Blaire


    Karen Blaire

    Digital Support Manager - Kiwibot and Everyday

  • Raquel Cano


    Raquel Cano

    Unit Controller

  • Ana Meza


    Ana Meza

    Unit Clerk

  • Pedro de Pablo Hernandez


    Pedro de Pablo Hernandez

    Executive Chef - Xavier