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Soon, students will experience the newest and friendliest way to receive deliveries. Kiwibot runs every on-campus delivery with zero emissions, zero contact – and a smile. Satisfy your cravings without leaving your location. Order from Iggy’s Café, LA Blvd. and Qdoba from anywhere you are on campus using the Bite for Universities app.

Ordering Kiwibot delivery is easy!

1. Download the Bite U app from the App Store or Google Play and set up your profile. Kiwibot delivery can only be ordered via the Bite U app.

2. Select the location you want to order from.

3. Order your meal.

4. Choose Kiwibot delivery- the app will ask you where you want to have your order delivered to.

5. Once you complete your order you will receive a time to expect your Kiwibot and which one will be delivering to you, and you'll be able to follow your delivery!

6. You'll be alerted when you bot arrives. Just follow the instructions from the app on how to retrieve your order.

7. Enjoy!

Learn more about the Bite for Universities App here.

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