2020-2021 Plan Options

December 2020 update: In light of local and state guidelines that severely restrict LMU's on-campus population, dining services will continue to operate out of the Leavey C-Store exclusively for the spring semester. The C-store Leavey offers a rotating menu of hot options as well as groceries, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. To provide students with maximum flexibility, the university will not be administering meal plans in the spring semester, however, students interested in realizing tax benefits for on-campus food purchases may purchase S-Dollars. More information about S-Dollars is available on the OneCard office website www.lmu.edu/onecard.

Whether you’re on the go and need a quick snack or in the mood to relax and enjoy a full meal, we have four fantastic LION Plans which are sure to meet your needs.

All LION plans are credited to the student’s OneCard in semester increments.

Dining on campus with LION Dollars comes with big savings! All LION plans are tax-exempt and offer a considerable amount of savings throughout the year versus paying with Flexi, credit and cash. What does that mean? It means that every food purchase is tax-free, so you're saving almost 10% with each food purchase.

Lion Dollars: Tax-free dollars you can spend on food anywhere on campus. The balances of LION Dollars carry forward from fall to spring semesters, but do not carry forward from one academic year to the next.

To purchase:
Select your meal plan through the LMU student portal here. You can also reach out to the LMU Student Housing Office at housing@lmu.edu or call (310) 338-2963 if you have any questions or if you'd like to upgrade your meal plan.

Need to upload more supplemental tax-free dollars? Do it right here.

"L" Plan           Cost: 4,675/year | 2,337.50/per semester   

You are a full-time student, living on campus. You love spending time with friends around food and not having to worry about having enough to pick up snacks for your room or the extra espresso shot during finals week.

• Weekly Budget (16-Week Semester) | $146.09
• Daily Budget (7 Days A Week) | $20.87
• Tax Savings (9.5%) | $444.13

"I" Plan            Cost: 4,245/year | 2,122.50/per semester    

You are a full-time student that works off-campus. You love the flexibility this plan gives you to get meals, snacks, and coffee most days of the week.

• Weekly Budget (16-Week Semester) | $132.65
• Daily Budget (7 Days A Week) | $18.95
• Tax Savings (9.5%) | $403.28 

"O" Plan           Cost: 3,815/year | 1,907.50/per semester   

You are a part-time student that spends a considerable amount of time off-campus. This plan is just right for your busy lifestyle.

• Weekly Budget (16-Week Semester) | $119.22
• Daily Budget (7 Days A Week) | $17.03
• Tax Savings (9.5%) | $362.43 

"N" Plan           Cost: 3,385/year | 1,692.50/per semester   

You live off-campus and spend a very limited amount of time on campus. Having this plan helps you grab the occasional snack, coffee or pick-me-up that keeps you going. 

• Weekly Budget (16-Week Semester) | $105.78
• Daily Budget (7 Days A Week) | $15.11
• Tax Savings (9.5%) | $321.58 

How do I know I have enough? 
Assuming a full meal is appx. $8.50 and a student buys 2 meals/day, here is how much remaining to purchase coffee/snacks each week:

• "L" Plan    $27.09
• "I" Plan    $13.65
• "O" Plan   $  0.22
• "N" Plan  -$13.22

Purchase "S" dollars in any increment and SAVE on paying tax! 
“S” Dollars are supplemental Lion Dollars that can be purchased anytime during the semester in any increment.
"S"-Dollars are tax-free for all food purchases.